of UK founded in 1999 is a winner of “Queen Award” twice and is one the best and well known online betting platforms of today. There is whole lot of products and services related to gambling that are available on They helped to pioneer the concept of the betting exchange. Well established and known products from include their Sportsbook, Casino and Poker. There also have a good number of exchange enabled games on their site.

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$1500 / £750 / €950 Bonus Poker: has hit solid gold with their poker offering. This is truly where the Poker action is to be had in the UK, nothing else will suffice when you need a good poker game and delivers in a big way. Games are happening every second of everyday on their tables and getting started is as easy as a download. They offer a fairly substantial sign up bonus and getting that is as easy as just logging in and depositing your initial deposit. Tournaments are occurring right now with lots and lots of money to be made. Actually if you are a poker fan, every second away from Poker is lost money and gaming action that you could be getting.

Poker Software: is licensed to provide gambling services in the following countries – Germany, UK, Austria, Italy, Malta and Australia. The group is regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission for offering betting services in the UK.

With so many betting platforms available today what sets apart is the transparency of dealings, choice of bets and control that this site gives to those who want to use the services and products. One can choose to bet that an outcome will take place or that it will not. The odds that one wants to play at can also be selected. Betting is possible even after the game has started.

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All any true casino games player could possibly want can be found in the casino area. All of the games that you have come to expect are here and are easy to play. Getting started playing one of their over forty games offered is very easy and is virtually instantaneous. Game selection ranges from card games, like blackjack, to single line and multi-line slot games and everything in between. While some casinos claim to offer more games none of those games hit as hard and provide as much excitement as the selection that the casino offers. Their “zero” games options are truly the epitome of innovative. Giving the house zero edge means that every hand played here is just as likely to go in your favor as the house, something found virtually nowhere else on the planet!


Betfair’s sportsbook offers plenty of sports to bet on, enough to satisfy any sports enthusiasts craving. In addition to the typical horseracing, football, and baseball fare found at most online establishments, also offers betting opportunities on ice hockey, cricket, golf, and literally too many to name here. The action is non-stop with new bets coming online all the time. They also offer plenty of information to help you decide what team, horse, or person to bet on. This is especially helpful if you are new to the betting scene.

Betfair offers much more that just these top three but these top three are the bedrock of its gambling empire. As a player you can get lost inside the walls of Betfair com for the rest of your life and retire a very happy player. Their customer service is top of the line, their loyalty bonuses are virtually unmatched, and more importantly, their delivery of their product will make you feel as if you are playing in a real casino and not merely sitting in front of your computer on


Lots of people who love betting have not taken to online betting because of the security concerns. When it comes to this concern is totally unnecessary since it has taken every measure to ensure that the credit card information and such other critical information is protected and never available for misuse. Encrypted software is used for transferring credit card information and the storage of such information is also in encrypted format. Datacash is used by and the payment partner is the Royal Bank of Scotland. To top it all has been certified by security certification agencies as having all the necessary security measures.

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