Blackjack Bankroll Management

Blackjack bankroll management is important for everyone, but it’s a lot more vital if you’re trying to take your play seriously. Casual gamblers don’t need to worry about a bankroll because they only gamble once in awhile, but if you’re someone who wants to make money at gambling on a consistent basis then you’re going to need to learn the fundamentals of managing a bankroll in online blackjack.

The reason you need to establish the perfect bankroll is so that you can eat losses when they come and not be completely depleted. Typically you need 20x your bet per hour in chips to be comfortable, so if you’re planning on playing a 3 hour session then you’d want to have 60x your bet with you. If you we’re playing $10 bet per hand then you’d need $600 cash with you to sit comfortably at a three hour session. You don’t need to buy all the chips at once, but you need to have that much cash with you in case you lose your initial first hour or two.

On good days you’re not going to even need to reach into your pocket for your additional bankroll, but on days when things aren’t going good you might need to dip into your session bankroll. You need to remember that your session bankroll needs to be an amount that you can afford to lose or else it with impair your judgment when you’re playing. Another important thing to remember is that if you lose your entire sessions bankroll in a sitting then you need to call it a day and come back the next day. You can’t dip into other funds, which is why creating a bankroll is so vital in the first place.

Your bankroll will allow you to minimize your losses on bad days, which is vital to your success. Some players win $800 one day and then the next day they lose $1200 instead of sticking to there session bankroll and only losing $600. When you do this your entire bankroll is going to become depleted very quickly and you won’t make it fair into your career as a blackjack player.

If you’re taking $600 with you a day to the casino as your session bankroll then I would recommend that your entire gambling bankroll be somewhere in the $10,000+ range. It’s important you have room in your bankroll for bad runs which always happen to professional gamblers at one point or another. The key is to have the bankroll to rough it through these tough times and then when things turn around you’ll still have a bankroll to capitalize on the good fortune. If you don’t manage a bankroll then you could lose everything in one bad run over a couple weeks instead of spacing it out and possibly getting out of the rut. Managing your bankroll isn’t the difficult part, the difficult part is making the decision to follow the simple management rules listed above. If you consistently stick to your bankroll then you’ll end up doing fine in the long-run of playing.