Playing War in an Online Casino

One of the least played casino games in the world is known as war and the reason it isn’t played by that many people is because the game relies completely on the luck of the draw. There is absolutely no strategy involved in playing war except for possibly changing the size of your bets although this doesn’t guarantee anything. If you change the size of your bets regularly it can help you jump out of a hole really quickly. For instance, if you lose three hands in a row at $10, you could potentially bet $30 on the next hand to break even. The chances of you winning the hand are still 50%, but it’s also likely that you won’t keep on losing a big amount of hands in a row. If you have the bankroll then increasing your bets in war when you’re down is a great way to get back to even.

How to Play War

War Card Game is probably the easiest blackjack card game in the world to play and you’ve probably even played the game when you were a kid which I’m sure will bring back some good memories. In order to play war you need at least one full deck of cards although in the casino they always use multiple decks so that they don’t need to shuffle up the cards after going through one deck. To play war in the casino you simply need to place your bet in front of you on the table to show the dealer that you want to be dealt in on the hand.

Once every player on the table has placed their bet, the dealer will start with the player to their left and deal out one card face up to everyone including themselves. The goal in war is to have a higher card then the dealer does with aces always counting as the high card. So, if you’re dealt a Queen and the dealer is dealt a 9 then you would win that hand and your bet would be paid off at a 1:1 rate. If you happen to be dealt the same card as the dealer then you need to go to war by placing another bet on the table that is equal to your first bet.

After you’ve placed your second bet on the table to signify that you want to go to war against the dealer, the dealer will begin dealing out the cards. The dealer will place three cards face down in front of you and then flip over the fourth card which is the card you use. The dealer will then do the same thing for their hand and once done the player with the highest card will win the war. If you win the war then you’ll receive back your two bets plus 1:1 on the first bet which is your profit.

The way that the casino betting systems work in their edge is with the actual war part of the game. Since you need to risk another unit to go to war you’re risking 2 units to win 1 unit. In a typical hand of war you and the dealer both have a 50% chance of winning the hand since the highest card wins and you’re both dealt just one card each. War is often played by the younger crowd inside the online casinos because it’s easy to play and doesn’t involve any thinking once so ever.