Poker Strategy

There is a certain amount of skill and there is a certain amount of luck that comes with playing poker. We can't teach you to be lucky, but we can teach you to have some skill. The staff at has put together poker strategy articles from some of the top poker pros in the world. These articles cover everything from the rules of the various poker games, to how to play low pairs in early position in a tight-aggressive game. You'll find everything you need to know to hone your skills and start crushing the competition. Be sure to check back often as we are always updating our poker strategy section.

Choosing Your Tournament Type

With a wide range of different tournament types available out there today, not only online, but in the live poker world as well, it can be tough to choose what you really want to play. You can read about regular … Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Satellite Opportunities

Something that many poker players simply overlook it seems, is the option to NOT pay full price to get into a poker tournament. This means both live poker tournaments and online poker tournaments. Regardless of what you’re looking to play … Continue reading

Bluffing, Continuation Betting and When to Fold

There’s very little in the game of poker that’s more frustrating than playing a hand that’s a bluff or a continuation bet from a pre-flop raise, and getting three-bet over the top, or basically, your opponent picking up a hand. … Continue reading

Evaluating When to Move Up and Down in Cash Game Stakes

In the world of online poker, there are many decisions that need to be made, one of which has to do with the moving up and down in the different cash game stakes. There are times that you need to … Continue reading

Never Giving Away Your Game

What’s one of the easiest ways to lose your stack, or lose some serious cash when playing poker? It’s by giving away a tell or two, and letting your opponent get into your head. There is absolutely nothing worse in … Continue reading

All You Need to know about Flop in Limit Hold’em

Flop is the move made by the dealer after the first betting round, in which he displays three cards to all the players. The players then take part in a fresh betting round before the fourth and the fifth cards … Continue reading

Three Things to Look Out for at the Asia-Pacific World Series of Poker

The World Series of Asia-Pacific 2014 is just around the corner. The poker action this season will be straight 17 days of exciting gameplay. A total of ten gold bracelet events are lined up this time. The event will be … Continue reading

All you Need to Know About the Turn in Limit Hold’em

The current lesson will be directed at improving your strategies for committing the turn. Just in case you have reached the turn decision, but have not still folded the pre-flop, the bets might end up doubling so that there might … Continue reading

A Lowdown on Playing Poker

Poker player’s table image There are mainly two types of people who play poker – those who want to return home with their pockets filled with crackling notes and those who just want to have fun while they are there. … Continue reading

All you Need to Know About 7 Card Stud Poker

Poker specifically the online version has really become popular in recent times. The game has a number of variants specifically stud poker. In Stud poker, players receive a bunch of face up and face down cards followed by the betting … Continue reading

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